Tuesday September 15, 2015

The torrential rains stopped this morning. It was nice but got way too warm for good hunting. After covering a lot of ground, the sign leads me to believe we are going to be hard pressed to see a big bull moose. I don’t see any clues that the big boys are moving too far yet.

I saw a handful of cows and a few small bulls today. I could have stalked the bulls, but chose not to because they were immature animals. It got up to 70 degrees today. It’s way too hot. I will be really surprised if we tag out. Filling four tags seems unlikely right now, but I’ve been known to be wrong in the past. Things can change with the flick of a switch.

No matter how I look at it, this trip has been awesome and I’m only a few days into it. We will see what tomorrow brings.



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