Thursday, October 6, 2016

Although it was 72 degrees today, I decided to go exploring in a new area a little bit north of where I live. It’s state land, but I’ve never hunted it. My buddy Brian checked it out and told me there was some good sign, so we went back to cover a lot of ground and give it a hard look.¬†As with anyplace, I wanted to see if it would be worth my time in the future, especially since it’s fairly close to home.

I chose to walk, so I could see as much of the territory as possible. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to walk too far. The woods were really strange. I can’t really explain it. I guess you would have to see the layout to understand what I’m talking about. It was almost impossible to find a place to sit because everyplace looked the same as the last, and they all looked good.

An hour or so into my search, I found a scrape about the size of a small kitchen table. It surprised me at first but after looking around, I found a number of rubs in the surrounding area. I’m pretty sure I could kill a buck there if I return on a regular basis. I’m unsure how much pressure the area receives. It appeared that people are riding 4-wheelers on the state land, which is against the law, so that might be a problem.

When we met at the truck at dark, Brian didn’t seem all that impressed. I will definitely be going back. I felt like I needed to to some more walking. It gave me a feeling that I could be successful if I spent any amount of time in there. Hopefully, this hot weather takes a turn sometime soon.

Here’s a picture I took while hunting tonight. I love the big woods.




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