Sunday, October 10, 2016

A cold front finally blew in last night. It was a welcome change from the 70 degree temperatures we’ve bee experiencing.

I ventured to the Rock today, which I referenced a number of times in my books. Every year I go there at least once. It brings me back to a simpler time, a time when I was ignorant to the ways of the world. It was a time before I knew who I was or what roads I would travel throughout my life.

With all of the leaves on, I figured I wouldn’t see anything, but it felt awesome to rest my back against the rock and take it all in. Words can’t explain my morning. You would have to crawl inside my head to understand it and even then it might be difficult.

When the day ended, I closed the door on another day in the woods without seeing a deer. I found some good sign and saw where the deer have begun to move through the woods. It’s only a matter of days/weeks before the big ones get on their feet, and I will be ready. I’m not sure if I will catch up to one, but I will give it everything I have. I’m wondering when I will see my first deer of this hunting season. I’m not sure it will be this week, but the cooler temperatures should lend a helping a hand.

As I was coming out I found a coyote track in the mud. It was from this morning. It looks like the predators are on the move…………………….me, my buddies………and the coyote.


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