Saturday October 25, 2014

Today was the first day of Northern Zone rifle season in New York. Although there are still a few leaves left on in the north country many of them have fallen to the ground since last week. The meteorologist called for rain showers starting around 8:30, so I packed my rain gear to be safe.

The rain started shortly after I got to the area I wanted to watch over and it rained most of the day. It was very slow in the woods. I wandered around in search of some sign, but came up empty handed. I didn’t see anything that interested me. It appears that bucks haven’t started moving much yet.

I had a doe make her way past be around 11:30, but nothing followed her. She appeared to be the same doe I got on my trail camera for the last month. She’s big and mature, but doesn’t have any fawns with her. Dad didn’t see anything today.

My buddies Brian and Josh hunted down the road from me. Josh saw three does while sitting. The first sightings were at 8am and the last was around 11am. Brian didn’t see anything.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.


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