Sunday November 2, 2014

The first few hours were great once again. The woods were calm and the movement of animals was minimal at best. I’m sure they might have been moving around someplace, but not where I was sitting. I found some really good sign in the area I sat, which was close to where I placed my camera before the season. Not having hunted in there before I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got a couple nice bucks on camera and both of them were in the daylight. I’ll definitely be spending some time there when I return from the Midwest on the last two weekends of the season.

I covered a lot of ground today while still-hunting. I concentrated on walking like a deer since the leaves where crunchy. The method works really well and I fully expect to walk up on a deer sometime this season while making a lot of noise, which goes against everything we’re taught.

Unlike where I’ve been hunting I found a lot of large scrapes with licking branches which seem to be active. It felt great to be in the woods, but then again it always does. I miss hunting with my dad, but I’ll be with him next weekend. He has called home a few times and he’s having a good time. He’s covered a lot of ground while scouting things out to ensure we’re in the best locations we can be in for prime time next week. It’s hunting so nothing is a guarantee. I just hope to see some nice deer. Once again I can’t attach the pictures for some reason. I’ll have to look into that when I return from Iowa.



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