Tuesday November 4, 2014

I had the day off, so I headed north. There’s something about the Adirondacks that attracts me and holds me there. While I like the southern Adirondacks the further north I go there are more things that stimulate me while I’m in the woods. I love the challenge of finding a big buck and trying to kill him.

It was a yet another great morning to sit. I heard three deer go past me at different times, but never saw any of them. In the new spot my visibility is far less than average, which makes spotting animals much more difficult. The best thing about it is that they all came down the ridge in the same place. Since I’ve never sat in that place it made it very easy to figure out what I’m going to do next time. I have to make a few minor adjustments to put myself in a better position to see deer coming down that ridge. Hopefully they don’t change it up and come off the other side next time. I feel much more confident here than in the places I hunted last year. There’s a lot more sign and that’s enough for me. There’s a lesson in this for you, too. Don’t make a habit of returning to the old haunts if they don’t have what you need to be successful. Find the sign and hunt it. Don’t hunt a place and hope for the sign to return if it was there in the past.

I made it home in time to run into the woods north of where I live. I checked my cams and changed some batteries. I was very pleased to get photos of a few bucks in the daylight. I was extremely excited to get a photo of the big 6-pointer I passed up a number of times last year. He’s once again a 6-pointer, but his rack is a little larger and his body grew substantially. I’d gladly fill my tag with him just because I have a history with him.

Good luck to everyone over the next few weeks. I won’t be writing in this again until near the end of the season when I update everything after I return from the Midwest. I hope to get some good weather and have a good time. My dad had a great day today. He saw around 10 bucks this morning. He’s seeing a lot of deer in the 120 inch range, but hasn’t seen what he’s after. I’ll be glad to join him in a few days……………..find the sign, hunt hard, and shoot straight.

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