Wednesday November 12, 2014

We woke up early today and got at it once again. Although Brian and I filled our buck tags we still have doe tags and if an opportunity presents itself on a large doe we might take advantage of it. It was tough to get out of the sleeping bag, but not because we had already filled our tags. It was brutally cold once again. It was 21 degrees with 30 mph winds, so the windchill made it feel about 5 degrees.

Since we left my stand in the tree yesterday dad decided to sit in it this morning and I set up a little ways from him. Around 8:30am he saw what he thought was a giant 12-pointer, which we assumed was the same buck Brian saw yesterday. Shortly after the big buck disappeared into the thicket a big 10 pointer made its way across the creek behind the stand and turned to come up the same runway that the buck I killed yesterday came in on.

Not being familiar with what the deer do in that area dad made the mistake of drawing his bow too soon and took a shot from a bad angle. The arrow stuck in the deer’s back as the buck made his way under the stand and disappeared over the hill in front of the stand.

I met my dad and we searched for the deer. We followed the tracks for a long way on the snow, but only found one drop of blood in all of the land we covered. In the process we found a few really nice watches as well as a bed that appeared to have been used a lot. I’m assuming it was one of those beds that many deer use, probably bucks.  The ground was slightly indented and there was cover on all sides of it. I’ll attach a photo of the bed so you can understand what I’m talking about.

When we got done searching we concluded that the deer would easily survive the wound, so dad climbed back into the stand. He wanted to sit the rest of the day while Brian and I went in search of a butcher to have the deer cut up and packaged.  The butcher guaranteed the venison would be ready by Friday.

In the morning I did see a big buck chasing a doe. I’m assuming it was the same buck dad saw that disappeared into the thicket, but I never got a good look at him in order to verify if that was the case. Dad saw bucks the rest of the day, but nothing else in the shooter category. Brian and I got back from the butcher and made quick time into the woods to help dad carry his stuff out of the woods. I find myself worrying more and more about him with his chronic coughing spells. Father Time is undefeated and I’m finally beginning to see the reality of it.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to go back to the place we hunted the other morning when I had the really nice buck come under the stand shortly after I climbed into it. I feel really confident about the place and dad is going to sit where I had the stand. I’m going to sit in Brian’s stand and pull it when I’m done sitting. It seems like I just got here and the hunt is almost over. I’d love to see dad get a look at something good. He deserves it more than anyone. If I could give up my success and let him have it I’d be more than happy to do so.

IMG_0141    This is the bed I found that has been used many times.

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