Friday November 14, 2014

We killed one of our biggest bucks eight years ago today. It’s amazing how fast time goes by. I never understood the saying, “The older you get the faster it goes.”, but I completely understand it now. I would love to be able to stop the hands of the clock and hold them in place. I love life so much that I want to get as much out of it as possible and it seems like there isn’t enough time.

Dad returned to “The Killing Tree” this morning. The morning was pretty slow. We both saw the same 4-pointer and two does. Brian stayed back near the edge of the CRP field where I told him I thought it would be a great place to kill a good buck.

After we killed our deer we decided to have a contest to see who could video the biggest buck before the end of the week. Since neither one of us has really hunted the contest hasn’t had much excitement. A dandy 10-pointer bigger than both the deer we killed came right into him at 20 yards. As he tried to video it his camera turned off and “Battery dead” showed up on his viewer. He was going to win the contest, but the camera didn’t work. He watched the deer for about five minutes before it wandered into the swamp. He could have easily killed it on the ground. It goes to show you that you don’t need to be in a stand to kill big bucks. In a few days he killed a great one from the ground and could have killed this one, too.

Brian and I didn’t go out this evening. We went and picked up the meat at the butchers. We paid $75 per deer and the packaging was really good. Brian and I bought a freezer at a scratch and dent sale at Lowe’s yesterday and it worked awesome. We filled it up and headed back toward camp.

Dad went back to the area he had been hunting before I got out here. He likes it there a lot and feels good about his chances. He saw a few deer, but nothing of any significance. He did get some really good bucks on film when he pulled the trail camera. He’s going to give it one last try in the morning before we pack up and drop Brian off at the airport. We’ll be headed to Kansas tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be sad to leave this place, but I’ll be happy to get settled out there and begin another week of hunting. You never know what to expect, so I’ll find the best places I can and give it everything I have. Here are a few photos dad got on the trail camera.

IM000046       IM000055  IM000040   IM000028

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