Saturday November 15, 2014

Today was our last day in Iowa. Brian and I got up early and dropped dad off in the area he hunted last night. Since he had some good pictures on the trail camera he decided that’s where he wanted to be for his last sit. Brian and I stayed at camp and began the packing process.

We picked dad up around 11 o’clock and made our way to the airport from there. Dad saw a couple of does and a few small bucks, but for the most part there wasn’t much activity.

We dropped Brian off at the airport at 1:30pm and headed toward Kansas. Within minutes of leaving the airport a light snow started and it quickly turned into freezing rain. Before long we were completely stopped on the highway and cars were scattered all over in the ditch.

The rest of the day didn’t get much better. We endured a few different road closures, but we pressed on to get to Kansas. Before it was done we saw two fatal accidents and I was never happier than when we locked the truck up at Super 8 in Kansas at 10pm.

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