Sunday November 16, 2015

Last night we decided to sleep in and get some rest since the forecast called for below zero temperatures across the region along with high winds. By 9:30 we had all of our gear neatly stacked in the tent. We didn’t waste much time getting into the woods. This time of year any time spent outside of the woods is wasted time.

By 10 o’clock I was sitting in one of my favorite places called the North Bowl. I’ve always seen a lot of bucks cruising through this area. It’s a perfect funnel between a couple of ridges and fields.

There wasn’t much of anything going on at all. I was pretty disappointed that no deer wandered by and in the early afternoon I climbed down and decided to head to a place we call the South Plot to sit for the evening.

I had a few does wander past me as well as a nice little 8-pointer. I took some pictures of him before he disappeared. Dad sat on the next road over from me in the Big Timber. He didn’t see anything tonight. This afternoon it was 12 degrees with 30mph winds. It was plain ol’ nasty.

Here are a few photos of the 8-pointer.

DSC00197 DSC00200

Here’s a buck I killed two years ago today in the same place I sat tonight.


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