Monday September 14, 2015

Today was my first day of moose hunting and it was awesome. The morning was nice. We saw a handful of moose on the boat ride to where we hunted. After getting to the spot, we saw a cow in a pond. I took a lot of video of her while she played in the water.

After the cow ventured into the timber, we left for another place called the plywood. We sat until the rain steadily increased to a downpour, and begin walking and glassing.

Eventually, we spotted a few cows scattered across a bog below us. Shortly after settling into a place to watch them, a nice 8-point bull materialized out of the thick cover. I could have taken him but chose to hold off. I took video instead. The rain was brutal at times and never stopped before we left the woods for the day. The timber is almost impassable here unless you can find a game trail to follow. It makes it easy to see how the animals can stay hidden.

Dad saw some moose today and passed up a 6-point bull at 25 yards. This day was awesome and I’m glad I came on this hunt. The other guys in camp all had great days, too. Everyone is talking about how wild the country seems to be. I’m looking forward to tomorrow already.




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