Wednesday 11/4/2015

It’s still unbelievably hot. It was in the mid 70s the entire day. Brian and I headed north for the morning. It looked good, but we ran into a few people. The wind wasn’t blowing in a very good direction for me. When I tried climbing into the tree, I didn’t realize it was going to be too large to climb until I took a few hitches. As I battled with the stand, I saw some deer in the distance. Unfortunately, all of the commotion I was making scared them away. A pretty good buck began blowing at me as he angled up the hill and out of sight. He wasn’t a shooter, but he was nice to see. The rest of the morning dragged.

When the sun climbed into the sky, the bugs came out and sweat started trickling down my back. After meeting Brian, we discussed our plans. With it being so hot out, we decided to scout another new area. Brian saw two nice 8-pointers this morning, but passed both of them. He thinks one might have been a really good six without any brow tines.

The new area we scouted was rugged country. We scaled some tremendous cliffs to get to the top of a ridge that overlooked a stream. It took a while before we found any substantial sign. When we found it, we saw a small buck that fooled both of us. Upon seeing it, we thought it was much larger than it turned out being. Brian snort/wheezed it right to us. At 10 yards, it was a phenomenal sight to see the hair stand up on the buck’s back when he took a fighting posture. As the buck’s curiosity kept it in front of us, two smaller bucks came in behind him.

When we finished scouting, we didn’t have much time to waste. I saw a nice little 6-pointer this evening. I’m not sure what we will do tomorrow. The heat won’t let go. At this point, I wouldn’t mind if it dropped into the 60s. The 70 degree temperatures are making it hard to get motivated. I know anything can happen at any moment, so I’ll keep plowing forward and putting my time in. We’re bound to get lucky one of these days. ┬áThe picture below is the buck that Brian passed this morning.



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