Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I had too much work to do at my job today to make it into the woods. It’s probably okay because the weather was horrendous for the entire day. It didn’t stop my dad from heading out into it this morning.

At 70 years old, he still has the drive to get out there in some incredibly bad weather. The temperature was in the high 30s this morning and it was raw. The rain came down in buckets for most of the day, and the fog was so thick that you couldn’t see more than 50 yards.

He’s a trooper. I respect him in every way imaginable. He taught me that I needed patience and persistence to consistently kill big deer. Perseverance usually leads to better opportunities. I’ve always tried to give it my best shot, whether the weather is great or piss poor.

We’ve been hunting one deer in the area he went to this morning. We haven’t been able to get in there that much because of how much we’ve been on the road. It’s an area we’ve killed a lot of deer over the years, and it’s close to home. I’d like to see one of us get a crack at the buck. He’s not a monster by any stretch of the imagination, but he is a very respectable Adirondack deer. It’s in the same general area where I hunted last night.

When dad came out of the woods around noon, he was sopped to the bone. He gave it his best, but the deer didn’t appear to be moving today in the horrendous weather. He didn’t even see anything when he still-hunted after sitting for most of the morning. It’s unusual when he doesn’t see deer while still-hunting. I think he’s the best still-hunter I know. I never picked that trait up. I’ve had some success doing it, but it’s definitely not one of my strong points.

I killed this deer on one ridge over from where dad sat this morning.




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