Friday, November 24, 2017

The search continued today. I finally cut a bear track but without snow, I couldn’t do to much to catch up to it. I did find a place where the bear fed for a while, so I’ll go with the assumption that the bear might return there in the next few days for a tasty treat. Since I know absolutely nothing about bear hunting as compared to deer hunting, I’ll continue trying to play chess with the black beasts.

Today was really slow for everyone. I saw a doe and fawn right before dark. Dad didn’t see a deer today, and Brian passed up another small buck this morning. He seems to have found himself a good spot. Josh didn’t see any deer today.

From what we have witnessed, the deer just aren’t moving too much right now. It blows my mind considering the time period, but it’s a fact of life. Sometimes the movement slows to a crawl, and that is what has happened in the area we are hunting.

We will see what tomorrow brings. Today in history, I shot one of my most memorable bucks.


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