Sunday, September 16, 2018

It’s still hot as hell. It’s hovering in the mid 80s with no signs of letting up. It has been almost impossible to get any good sleep. Dad has been hacking up a lung and the heat has been so bad I can’t even sleep through the night.

We all went to our old stomping grounds today and did some exploring on a mountain that we haven’t hunted yet this year. In the early morning, we heard a bull bugling in the distance, but the bugling didn’t last very long. When we got to the top of the mountain, we jumped about 15 mule deer but didn’t see any elk.

After doing a series of interview questions with Alex, I noticed he was smiling. Sure enough, Dad walked up behind us, and we spent the rest of the day bullshitting on top of the mountain. We explored a few new areas in the immediate area but didn’t venture too far.

In the evening, we split up and still-hunted down the face of the mountain. At the top, we jumped a few elk, and they crashed timber as they disappeared. When we all reached the bottom of the mountain, a bull started bugling. ┬áHe didn’t have much interest in coming to us, and before long, it was dark.

I’m not feeling overly confident, but things can change on a dime in the hunting world. We will see what happens tomorrow………..another day, another opportunity to enjoy what it has to offer.

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