Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We all went in early today and went way back in. We also all split up and went in different directions, Alex going with me. After dropping Dad off in an area where I have had heard bulls bugling the last few days, we headed toward a saddle that is often used in the late morning by a lot of bulls. It was pretty quiet for the better part of the morning, but when we crested the top of the mountain, all hell broke loose. Bulls were bugling all over on the backside of the mountain. After listening for a bit, I realized the bulls were bedded. That’s when I decided to wait them out to see if they would come back across the mountain later in the day.

Looking back at it, I should’ve made the move and gone after the big bull that bugled all day. The big bull laid in his bed and bugled from 8:30 until 2:30 pm. That’s when he shut up and didn’t make another noise.

We headed out of the woods a little disappointed, but we still have a few days left.

It’s still hot as hell. We can’t escape it this year.

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