Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The rain won’t let up. It seems like it has been raining since late spring. Although last weekend was nice, I haven’t seen the sun at all this week. When the rain briefly stopped in the afternoon, I decided to go hunting when I got out of work. Undecided about where to go, I called Brian and we decided to try an area we haven’t hunted yet this year.

When we got into the woods, we saw a few turkey vultures, a lot of crows, two bald eagles, and a few ravens. Although we know something was dead in the area, we couldn’t locate it. It didn’t take me very long to find a spot to sit. Since there has been so much rain, I found a spot that funneled the deer around a bunch of standing water. There were a lot of oaks in the area, but I couldn’t find any acorns on the ground.

Without any sunlight, it didn’t take long for the woods to become dark. A flock of turkeys decided to roost in the trees around my stand, so I sat there and welcomed them into my world. A big hen latched onto a branch of a tree that was about 30 yards from me. She danced around for a bit before settling in on her evening perch.

Brian saw a few turkeys early on and a spikehorn right before it got dark. Doug texted me tonight and had three spikes go by him tonight. It seems like a lot of the smaller bucks are up and moving around. Maybe we will get a look at a larger one in the days to come.

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