Friday, October 5, 2018

I had plans of getting out of work and getting into the woods early to allow me plenty of time to cover a lot of ground to see what I could find. After getting stuck in the office longer than I had originally anticipated, I was delayed further when I stopped at my parents’ place to get a few things.

When I finally got into the woods, I didn’t have the amount of time I needed to go to the places I wanted to go. I brought my stand with me and left it at the base of a tree for Saturday morning. Although I wanted to sit in it, I forget my safety rope, so I decided I better avoid it for the evening.

I didn’t see any deer, or animals for that matter, while I was wandering aimlessly through the woods. My trips to the woods this year haven’t left me with a very optimistic outlook for the days ahead. The weather has been pretty decent for the early season, but the heat is coming next week. The mid 70s that are predicted will probably be closer to 80.

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