Sunday, October 14, 2018

Today we stayed close to home. It was a great morning to hunt. The temperature hung in the high 30s before the sun came over the mountain, and I could see my breath for the better part of the morning. I sat in a place where I passed a few bucks up one night about a decade ago. I know it’s a place where deer hang out in the early season.

I sat until a little after 10 before getting down and tramping around. Dad and I didn’t see anything. There wasn’t even much wildlife moving where we hunted. We did hear a shot and later found out that it was our buddy Doug. A buck winded him when it came in quietly. When he spun around to get a look at it after it took off running, he saw that it had a rack, so he took a shot. It’s pretty tough to get a good shot this time of year, but he thought the crosshairs were on the deer when it stopped for a few seconds before taking off running again. After looking around, it was determined that the buck had escaped. It might not have nine lives this year, but we all know it has at least two lives.

The day was relatively quiet besides that.  It looks like some more heavy rain is coming in tomorrow. I’m not sure I can remember the last time we had three consecutive days without rain.

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