Thursday, October 18, 2018

I got out of work and headed to the place that I had picked yesterday. Something in my gut told me to go there. I listened to the inner voice and made my way through the thick slash to find a place to sit.

Although I had it planned in my head, things didn’t look the same as they did in my imagination. That minor blip on the radar forced me to think on my feet and figure it out on the fly.

It didn’t take long for me to find a new place to sit. I ended up a little higher on the hill than I had planned, but I still had that feeling I get when I think I might see a good one.

The wind blew really hard today and continued blowing right up until it got dark. I didn’t see any deer, but on my way out, I had one blowing at me in a the place I have sat many times. I’ve never seen a deer while sitting there, but I jump them out of there regularly on my way out of the woods. I’d like to catch up with one in that place, and I’ll keep trying every once in a while. I figure I’m bound to run into one eventually.

I won’t be hunting ¬†tomorrow night. Instead, I’ll be headed north for the opening weekend of Northern Zone rifle season.

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