Thursday, November 22, 2018

  Today we went on the annual Thanksgiving Day hunt. I’ve been participating in this hunt with my dad since I turned 14. He used to allow me to go small game hunting while he deer hunted until I turned 16 and was old enough to have a big game license.  We’ve experienced some phenomenal hunts and shot some incredible deer on Thanksgiving. We’ve also encountered many types of weather over the years, including rainstorms, snowstorms, ice storms, heavy wind, and even a few crisp, chilly, sunny days.

  Unlike many of the Thanksgiving Day hunts, Dad and I hunted with each other today and nobody accompanied us. It was a good day. It was -8 degrees when we parked the truck and headed into the woods. 

  We didn’t hunt for very long due to family obligations, but it was still good to be in the woods with my dad. We had a good morning, and we both saw a few deer. Although we didn’t see any bucks, we were fortunate enough to spot a few does. It’s always nice to watch animals in their own environment. It’s nice to have good places to hunt near home. I’m thankful for living in an area where I can get into the woods in many good places within an hour of my house. Some of the places are five minutes away, some are 20 minutes, and others are about an hour. I like all of the areas, and I’ve spent plenty of time in all of them this year. I’m really not sure if any of the spots are better than the others. I’ve killed great deer in all of the areas throughout the years, so I always feel like I’m in a good place no matter where I go. I’ve always been a firm believer that confidence is the key to success, and I always have confidence when I shut my truck door and head into the woods. 

  Tomorrow is Black Friday. That has always been a great day for us, too. We’ve had a lot of success on that day. Although I haven’t been able to get it off every year, I do have the day off this year. It looks like it will just be Dad and me heading into the woods this year.  The temperature is supposed to plummet tonight. I’m guessing it can’t get much worse than this morning, but we will see what the morning brings. 

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