September 9, 2019

Brian and I didn’t get an early enough start to get where we wanted to be before daylight. Since we were running a little behind, we decided to still-hunt our way to the top of the mountain and check things out as we picked our way to our destination.

Along the way, we didn’t see much sign, and the sign we did find seemed to be a few weeks old. Unlike past years, we didn’t hear an elk bugling. Although it was disappointing, we didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, we continued our journey.

As we neared the top of the mountain, we began getting into quite a bit of fresh sign. It felt good to know we were amongst them even though we hadn’t seen anything yet.

After seeing all of the sign, we decided to cover some more ground and find a place to hang out for the day. We both figured the bulls would be singing before the sun faded out of the sky.

The day came and went without much action.

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