September 13, 2019

We headed back up on the main mountain for the day. Shortly after first light, we spotted a nice bull on the opposite ridge. He was feeding across a meadow. We chose to stay put to see what he was going to do. If he fed all morning, we would know where to be for the afternoon.

Within an hour, the bull was just below us and bugling like crazy. Somehow, we ended up between him and his cows, but he didn’t want to fight. We gave it our best shot, but he wouldn’t come in to give us a shot. Although all of the animals were close to me, I never saw one of them. The cows and bull were talking wildly. It was an awesome experience.

Throughout the day, people were wandering through the woods and playing tunes on their bugle calls. I’ve never seen anything like it. There are piles of people, and they all seem to think that blowing on their bugles nonstop will put a bull in their lap. It’s not a good thing.. I’ve heard noises that I couldn’t even begin to explain what they sounded like, but I can assure you that the noises didn’t resemble any bugles I’ve ever heard.

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