September 15, 2019

We decided to take a shot in the dark and return to the mountain we hunted a few days earlier. It was a slow morning, and nothing sounded off. When we got near the top, we spotted a few animals, but they saw us at the same time.

Since we had been going nonstop without a break, we decided to head out of the woods early and relax a little at camp before heading out for the evening hunt.

On our way out, we were fortunate enough to meet three guys from Wisconsin. Some people are great people, and these people fit that mold. It was great to share an hour with them on the trail. We exchanged some great stories and had a fabulous time. Things like this are what keep me going. No matter where life brings you, you never know who you might meet. This was an unforgettable meeting, and I hope the other guys feel the same way. I left them feeling refreshed — and confident, even though the hunting had been slow up to that point.

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