Tuesday, October 8, 2018

While I’ve been out bowhunting a few times, I haven’t had time to update this, so I’ll start today. I’ve been hunting an area where I’ve watched deer throughout the summer, and I haven’t had much luck. I’ve seen a few people and the people have been doing things that don’t translate into good hunting. This had led to the deer sightings going steadily downhill.

Today I sat at work and thought long and hard about how I could approach things to possibly see one of the bucks I’ve decided to chase. Since the season opened, he has basically disappeared. My dad has spotted him a few times, but not with any regularity and not while hunting.

By the time mid-afternoon came, I had a plan. I would make my way to an area that housed a few apple trees and a few oak trees. The deer had fed all summer in a field about 150 yards from the spot, and I figured they had retreated to this area. Although they haven’t been coming to the field in the daylight, I figured they were probably feeding in this area and still going to the field after dark. The only way I would know would be to give it a whirl.

Instead of carrying a stand with me, I decided to sit on the ground. I found a huge fallen maple and decided to camouflage myself amongst the branches. Looking in front of me, I knew I would see any deer before it would have a chance to see me, giving me more than enough time to draw my bow.

At 5:45, I could see a small buck making its way up the hill. He stopped to feed under the oak tree, and my plan had worked to perfection. Although I don’t get much of an opportunity to bowhunt in my home area, I chose to pass on the 5-pointer. With him in front of me at 5:45, something in my gut told me one of the larger bucks would come in before it got dark.

At 6:30, I could see him coming. The big buck I was waiting for was coming on a string. I drew the bow and readied myself. When I tried to get the pin on him, I couldn’t see it. The pin had washed out, and I didn’t have a light on this bow. Instead of risking a bad shot, I chose not to shoot. I’m fairly certain I could’ve gotten him at 25 yards, but I couldn’t commit to the shot without seeing the pin. I was highly disappointed, but it felt awesome to have my plan work to perfection. I almost seemed like I knew what I was doing. The deer (both of them) did exactly what I though they would do. Every once in a while, I’m able to actually think I know what I’m doing, and this night was one of those times.

I haven’t hunted much because of the problem I’ve been having with my surgically repaired shoulder. I hurt it back in the summer, and it has gotten progressively worse. It appears I will be needing surgery after hunting season. While I can draw my bow and carry my backpack, it’s very painful to do either. I’m trying to save myself for my trip to Illinois and the time I will be hunting up north, which will require a lot of physical work. It’s going to be tough for me to get out there and go with the shoulder this year. I don’t want to hurt it worse so I won’t be able to go to Illinois, so I figure I better pick my spots early in the season and only hunt when I have a plan. I also didn’t carry a stand in tonight because it puts too much stress on my shoulder. I learned that quickly the first few days of the season. Although this isn’t the deer I saw tonight, this deer looks almost identical to the one I saw. This is what I’m chasing. I’ll probably give it another go tomorrow night before the rain settles in for the following two days.


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