Saturday, October 19,2019

I couldn’t have asked for a better day to hunt. It was around 30 degrees when we headed into the woods, and the vehicles had frost on them. Today felt like deer season had truly arrived. Here in New York, it’s the first day of muzzleloading season, and hunters can shoot bucks or does in the Northern Zone.

I hunted with my father today, and we split up and scouted as we hunted. We both sat until late morning before doing our thing. I found a spot that looked really good. It didn’t have any fresh sign in it, but I could tell that I would see some deer in the spot during the rut. It had everything you need to kill a good one. Five runways all ran through a small hardwood bowl on the edge of some really thick stuff. When I walked through the place, I instantly knew it was a place that I need to sit. Time will tell if I get back there, but my intentions are to give it an honest effort at some point in time.

We spent the entire day in the woods and put on some miles. Overall, I didn’t see much sign today. I’m going to go to another area to hunt tomorrow to see if I can locate some fresh sign. Sign is tough to see right now because of the 3-4 inches of rain that fell a few days ago. Hopefully, the woods settle back down.

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