2011 Season

The last few weeks have been hectic. I’ve been out in the woods a few times to see if any nuts fell in a few areas I hunt. Although I heard a lot of people saying there were a lot of beechnuts and acorns I didn’t find any during my scouting trip. I did find a few rotten beechnuts, but that’s it.

I saw a few deer and a flock of turkeys. Besides those sightings I didn’t see much sign. The weather has been miserable and we’ve only had two nights that were even close to being “chilly.”

I put a couple of my trail cameras out last week. I wanted to make sure they were working okay and I wanted to check out a few places close to home. I’ll attach a few pictures at the end of this.

My book is pretty close to being done. I hope to have it to the printer before I leave for vacation in early November. If you check back I’ll be sure to let you know how it’s coming along. Good luck this season. Be safe and have fun out there.

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