Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Originally, I had scheduled a half day on Thursday, but I changed that due to the forecast and predicted storm. Although it was 65 degrees, I figured the deer might be moving ahead of the storm.

I’m not sure if I was correct in my assumption, but the deer didn’t move where I chose to go. I had a good day in the woods but didn’t get lucky enough to put myself in the right spot.

I put on a lot of miles over the course of the afternoon and got lucky enough to find a giant scrape. I could tell that a buck had freshened it earlier in the day, and I saw that he came off a ridge, hit the scrape and continued into a swamp. After finding it, I decided to sit in the near vicinity for the rest of the afternoon, hoping the buck might return on his journey to the place he came from earlier in the day.

As the sun faded, I headed out of the woods. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I sat and watched the scrape. I guess tonight just wasn’t my night. I only have one more day left to hunt before I head for the Midwest next week. Hopefully, I can make the most of it.

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