Saturday, September 13, 2020

The ride out to Colorado seemed to pass quickly this year. It was definitely different without my father along for the ride. He couldn’t make it this year due to the number of health conditions he’s been battling since becoming severely ill in Florida in March. It has been a tough go, but he is the toughest guy I’ve ever seen. He has battled his way out of the depths of hell and seems to be recovering. Hopefully, the upward trend continues. 

  After arriving, we set the tent up and headed into the woods for a quick scouting mission. The 16 inches of snow that fell earlier in the week put a damper on many hunters’ plans. Although there are a lot of camps around, not many people are hunting. The snow seems to have shut things down for the time being. 

  Jacob and Josh made the trip this year. They are both first timers. I’m hoping they get to see some elk throughout the week. Jacob and I headed to a spot my dad usually hunts to see what we could find. We got drenched from the snow, but we did see a few tracks here and there. I spotted a calf as it bolted away from us at the base of the mountain. I’m sure there were others with it, but I only saw the calf. 

  Brian covered a lot of ground today in our normal stomping grounds. It was a bear for him to get there, but he got in there and found some elk. He said there were a lot of tracks, but he also saw some people tracks, too. 

  Josh went out behind camp and saw a lot of tracks. He set up a camera to see if anything is wandering around in the area. 

  We will get at it bright and early tomorrow to see what we can find. It’s going go be tough with all of the snow that is still on the ground, but I don’t think it will last too long. 

Here’s a photo I took before we headed out of town toward the mountains.

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