Tuesday, September 22, 2020

  We all went in different directions this morning and had mixed results. Jacob went to the big water hole and had a bull bugling in the morning and evening. Actually, he could hear two bugling back and forth at each other tonight, and they were chasing cows through the woods.

  I went to Dad’s spot today behind the camp. I had action all day. Bugling started at 7:05 and lasted until noon. I called one in on a string with an estrous cow call. I couldn’t get a shot at him due to the thickness of the woods. If the other guys had been with me, they surely would’ve gotten a shot. That’s the way our luck has been going this year. 

  Josh and Brian had a rough day today. Josh saw another mule deer buck, and Brian saw two cows. Neither of them heard a bugle today. 

  I also saw 10 mule deer today, and six of them were bucks. It was cool to see them coming through the timber like a herd of elk. One of the bucks was out velvet. I’ve never seen that this early in the year.

  Hopefully, we get a look at something tomorrow. We are running out of  time.

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