Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020

Today was the kind of morning I dream about as a hunter. We had a good frost, and it was 27 degrees when I headed into the woods this morning. If the leaves were off the trees, I would have been in heaven. I’m not a fan of the early season and all the leaves. I went back to one of my traditional haunts today. There was probably the least amount of sign I’ve seen in that area in the last 10 years. Dad stayed close to the road and found a few places that he really liked. He enjoyed himself today and is looking forward to hunting in one of the places he found. I’m excited for him. He feels a lot better than he felt last week, and I’m quite happy about that. Last week was tough to watch from a distance. 

  Brian decided to go for a long-ass walk today. He covered more miles than I’d care to cover, but that’s what he enjoys doing. We met up later in the day to scout a new area, too. I’m not sure why we are wandering all over the place this year, but I see nothing wrong with it. Shortly before it got dark, we found an impressive series of scrapes. I’ve seen some good scrape lines in my time, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this one. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the series of scrapes is about as long as my truck. It’s actually one scrape that big, then there are about 4-5 more scrapes along a thick evergreen edge. It looks like it would be a good place to sit, but it’s hard to tell. Maybe we will give it a go next week and see what happens. 

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