Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020

I got up a little later today than yesterday. I figured I didn’t need the head start I required the day before. My windshield was covered with frost when I started the truck at 4:45, and I welcomed it. I enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Since Barrry left last night, I drove myself this morning. On my way down the dark road, I saw some eyes on the bank where the pavement ends and the dirt starts. Suddenly, a big 10-pointer jumped into the road in front of me but quickly decided he didn’t want to cross the road. He turned and went back up the mountain. I felt good about my morning when I saw him. I figured it meant the deer were moving.

As I trudged through the forest, my body felt the aches and pains from the last week, and I had all I could do to pick one foot up after the other found its way to the ground. My back and shoulders begged for mercy, and my calves screamed for rest. I continued the slow but steady march.

I reached the place I wanted to sit well before it got light. The wind whipped around pretty good for most of the morning, and I sat as long as I could handle it. I never saw anything, and I decided to cut cross-lots and check some things out in places I haven’t gone in a while.

When I neared a scrape I used to hunt near, I found a fresh bed. Looking closer, I saw where the deer had pawed open the scrape. It had done it not long before I got there. My timing just doesn’t seem to be lining up this year.

My friend Gar sent me a message today to tell me that his son bagged his first ADK buck and accomplished the feat with his grandfather’s gun that had just been handed down by Gar’s father since he isn’t getting out any more. I made my day to hear the story. Gar also took out the time to ask how my dad was doing and said he would continue praying for him. I appreciate his kindness and well wishes.

Here’s a picture of the scrape I found today.

A little ice on the pond.

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