Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020

It was 27 degrees when I woke up. I wanted to go exploring today to see what I could find. I knew it was going to warm up to 45 degrees, so I figured I would try to figure some things out on the snow if I could. 

  By the time it was noon, I had discovered one thing: deer and bears are not moving too terribly much in the areas I’ve been hunting. Actually, neither have squirrels, chipmunks or birds. However, coyote tracks can be found around every corner. I’m sure that doesn’t help matters when it comes to the movement of the other animals. Recently, someone sent me a trail-cam video they got of a pack of four coyotes going by their camera. It takes a lot of food to feed four or more coyotes. 

  Dad wanted to go check out a new place this afternoon, so I came out of the woods when he was ready and brought him to a new area. We saw some tracks here and there while we were looking things over. 

  My friend Adam missed a really good buck this morning. It was lying down when he shot at it. He followed its tracks up a hill and into a hardwood bowl. Then, he spotted the buck lying down on the other side of the bowl. It was about a 250- yard shot. When he shot the first time, the buck stood up and didn’t react. After the second shot, the buck just strolled away. Adam thinks he shot under it both times. He thinks the bullet was dropping too much and the deer was farther away than he had originally thought.

  Adam’s a great hunter. He can get the job done in a hurry when he’s around deer. His ability to track deer and get opportunities at them amazes me. He never seems to come up shorthanded. Unfortunately, he missed today, but it wasn’t from lack of trying. Sometimes, I wish I had people like Adam’s ability. I would love to be able to be that good at deer hunting. It must be pretty awesome to be him. Here’s the track he was following.

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