Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020

Nobody stirred this morning when the alarms sang except me and Dad. The wind howled all night, keeping everyone awake. At times, it sounded like the trees where going to uproot and blow across the yard like tumbleweed on the Kansas prairie. It definitely wasn’t the best conditions for deer to move, but like I’ve said many times before, I believe the big bucks move in bad weather conditions because they feel safe.

Dad and I both sat until about 10 before heading out of the woods. Neither of us cut a track or saw an animal. The snow came down pretty good for a while, and the wind howled like it wanted to be heard far and near.

When we got back to camp, we gathered up Kyle, Ben, Brian and Josh and did a few small pushes. We did four pushes and put deer past people on two of them. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any bucks and a few guys were left with unfilled tags.

The change of pace was nice, and it was fun trying to put a deer past someone. I would have felt some pride in accomplishing the task if one of the guys had gotten a crack at a buck.

We have a week of muzzleloader season left, then I will have to call it quits until next year. I’m not sure if I will get out. I’ve been out of work for almost a month, so I’m sure I will be backlogged with work when I sign on the computer on Monday morning. I’m not looking forward to that. Retirement seems to sound better and better every year, but I would never wish my life away. I enjoy every minute of it too much, especially hunting season.

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