Monday October 17, 2011

It’s Tuesday as I sit down to write this entry. Last night did me in. I shouldn’t have ventured into the woods two days in a row. My ribs weren’t ready for the extra stress and I’m paying the price today.

When I went out I had one goal which was to check on my camera that I put in a decent spot in early October. When I got there I was disappointed when I learned it had quit working sometime around October 6th.

As I wandered around I found some decent buck sign. I could tell that a good buck made the sign and I hope one of my buddies gets a look at him before the end of the season.

I had another camera with me so I put it out before heading back down the mountain. I wasn’t overly satisfied with the placement of it, but I’ll go back and check it in a week if I’m feeling better.

Sunday night I saw seven does on the road within a half mile from camp. Monday evening when I was headed into camp I saw a deer take off near the old foundation that’s off to the right of the driveway. When I came out for the evening I saw two does and a fawn go across the road in front of me right near the small pond at the beginning of the driveway. They were headed from the north to the south.

The wind has been out of hand lately. Hopefully the temperature starts cooling down and it begins to feel more like fall. With opening day of Northern Zone rifle beginning on Saturday I’m sure a few nice bucks will fall.

This season hasn’t started off like I had planned. I hope I can somehow get feeling better so I can get out in the woods and enjoy some of the season. I never expected an injury to hold me back this much. I guess I just have to let time heal the wound. I’m beginning to get impatient.

I’ve attached a picture of Steve, Doug and Rob with Rob’s muzzleloader 3-pointer from Sunday and the other picture is a nice doe I got on my trail camera on top of the mountain before the camera decided not to work. Not sure when I’ll get in the woods again. I need some of the pain to subside.

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