Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021

Although it was 81 degrees when I got out of my truck this afternoon, I still headed into the woods. I didn’t have hunting on my my mind, but I did want to go for a walk in an area to see if I could find any type of sign.

As I wandered across ridges and the sweat seeped down the crease of my back where my spinal cord resides, it didn’t bother me. I continued walking and somewhat enjoyed the process. As warm as it was outside, it didn’t feel overbearing to me.

As the minutes began bringing me toward sunset, I knew I had to turn around and head back to the road. I had been aimlessly wandering for the better part of three hours at that point. Looking at my watch, I didn’t know if I could get back to the road before it got dark, but I knew I was going to attempt it.

When I arrived at my truck, there was still a hint of daylight that could be seen in the skyline, but it would be gone by the time I packed my gear in the backseat and started the truck.

My trip today was somewhat useless. The weather just won’t let up. We haven’t had one day that I can remember the daily high being under 67 degrees. The movement has been minimal to nonexistent in the areas I’ve hunted, and it makes the desire to go out decrease with every new day of high heat. I’m ready for fall.

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