Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021

It rained cats and dogs last night. This weather just doesn’t want to give in. It feels as if we are in a tropical jungle. When I walked outside today, I couldn’t see more than 50 yards. As I began my trek into the woods, the light cast from the headlamp made me dizzy due to the dense fog. If I hadn’t followed the terrain features, I probably could’ve ended up in a mess.

I couldn’t make myself sit down for the better part of the morning. With all of the low leaves still on, it made it difficult to find somewhere to sit. Instead, I poked through the wet leaves in hopes of catching a deer lying down. It never happened.

Nobody in the bunch saw a deer today. It was incredibly muggy. Although there were severe T-storm warnings, we never experienced one. I guess we got lucky in that regard. The forecast is calling for temperatures to finally drop into the mid 50s tomorrow. Currently, I can’t believe that, but we will see what the day brings.

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