Friday, Oct. 22, 2021

I got out of work early today and headed north to meet Brian. We had intentions of checking out a few places before the opener of Northern Zone rifle season on Saturday. It was about 65 degrees when we headed into the woods. We marched around for a bit and found what we were looking for, which was a few areas where bucks were working.

After studying what was in front of us, I decided to give it a whirl for the opener. I didn’t know what to expect for other hunters, and I didn’t know if I would see any deer. Neither one of us had ever hunted this area, and opening days can sometimes tell you all you need to know about a place. Being early in the season, I don’t mind being the guinea pig. When there are bucks making scrapes earlier in the season, it’s usually a good idea to sit night someplace near them. The bucks will almost always return to the them in the daylight in areas that aren’t overruled with pressure.

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