Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021

I  got back at it in the Adirondacks. We were welcomed with about an inch of snow. I brought Donny into an area where I thought he might be able to fill his tag. As we trudged through the snow in the darkness, we could see tracks all over the place. 

  When we reached an area where I had found a lot of buck sign before leaving for the Midwest, I told him to nestle himself in next to a big tree and wait for daylight. Once daylight arrived, I figured he would be able to pick the exact spot. 

  Around 8:30, I saw  a doe come flying off the ridge in front of me. I knew a buck was chasing her. Then, I saw him drop off the side of the ridge and disappear. The doe stopped in front of me, and I waited for him to return. 

  Meanwhile, Donny saw some deer and reported it to me on the radio. I was glad he was seeing some deer.

  I went to another area for the evening and learned why the area has been dead. It looked like a horde of people have been hunting the area, especially a few members of the Kiui army. I’ll never understand people’s reasoning for what they do, but these people’s combined efforts have made it easy to check it of fhe list of places I will spend much time in. They probably don’t even know they’ve pushed most deer out of the area. Many people don’t understand deer behavior in certain areas to understand how their actions affect the deer movement.

  It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow and be in the 60s the next day. I’m not sure what that will do, but I’ll give it my best. My game is definitely not what it should be this year. I’m too distracted my the greater things in life. Deer hunting just isn’t getting much of my attention this year, and I can see the effects. 

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