Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021

Today was the annual Thanksgiving Day hunt, which has definitely changed over the years. It’s nothing like it was when I was growing up. Unfortunately, people have gotten older and gone their own ways. We used to gather as a group and hunt near the house, but as we’ve aged, we tend to hunt farther north in the Adirondacks on Thanksgiving. 

  When I woke up, I was undecided about where I wanted to go.  I brought my tree stand from home because I had every intention of sitting on a scrape that gave me a great feeling that I could kill something over it. The place was between home and camp, and I decided I didn’t want to drive there, so I left the stand at camp. Since I”m uploading this after the fact, I checked the camera after the season, and I should’ve gone with my gut. A nice buck showed up at the scrape first thing on Thanksgiving Day.

Digital Camera

  However, as I gathered my stuff for the morning, I changed my mind for some reason and headed to another area. I’m still not sure what made me change my mind. 

  When I got to where I wanted to sit, a deer started blowing at me. After a few minutes, it stopped blowing, and I could hear it walk away. The rest of the morning passed quickly, and nothing happened. 

  Brian and Dad hunted together this morning. Dad didn’t see anything and Brian saw six does and a spike horn. 

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