Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022

There was frost on the pumpkin again this morning. I was ticked off when I walked outside to start my day. I had wasted a lot of time goofing off and got a late start. When I got outside, I realized I should’ve been doing something else. I simply made the wrong choice and very rarely do wrong choices lead to good results. I’ve always been the most successful when I have a plan and stick to it. I went to bed without a plan due to the medical emergency I encountered last night.

After getting back from hunting, I took my clothes off. In the process of putting new clothes on, my pants hooked onto my infusion set and broke the catheter. Instantly, I knew I had to get home. I had to beat the rising blood sugars due to the inability to receive insulin from my insulin pump. I was exhausted but I drove home to change the infusion set and replace it with a new one.

By the time I got done taking care of the mess, I had to battle blood sugar the rest of the night and into the morning. I didn’t get any sleep for the second night in a row. When morning rolled in, I was still in a fog and decided to use the day to cover ground. I couldn’t see anything while sitting due to the leaf cover, so I decided to wander around in hopes of finding any type of new sign.

The day passed quickly, and I put on a lot of miles. I did find a really good spot — I think. There were a lot of older signpost rubs in the area, and a major runway near them along the edge of a swamp. I found a large scrape from last year, and the licking branch was torn apart. Something tells me you could shoot a big buck near there if you put the time in. Maybe I’ll find out in the coming weeks.

Brian shot at a nice buck this evening and is pretty sure he killed it. Unfortunately, the smoke created an impenetrable wall and he wasn’t able to see the deer’s reaction. It was 40 yards and broadside, but he never found any blood or hair. He thinks he heard it stumbling around afterward, but he never saw it. I shot a deer a few years ago with a rifle, and it never dropped a drop of blood in 200 yards, and there was only one sliver of hair where I hit him. He died in full stride and never bled. I only found him because I followed his tracks in the snow. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any snow today. The search continued for a few hours until darkness consumed the sky, and the search came up empty.

I will not have much time to hunt this week. I’m hoping some of the bad weather in the forecast will take care of some more leaves. It’s almost impossible to see in the woods right now and that takes much of the enjoyment out of it for me.

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