Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022

I hunted with my buddy Jim today. We had a plan from the get go and stuck to it. I had a lot of data in my favor and used it in hopes of connecting on something. It was 27 degrees when we got into the truck and began driving down the road. Once again, there was minimal movement throughout the day in the area we hunted. Jim saw a nice buck in the thick cover, but things didn’t pan out the way he would’ve liked. Once again, the temps rose quickly and reached the 70-degree mark. The mornings have been fantastic, but the afternoons are taking the fun out of it. Forty-five degree temperature swings every day don’t make for very much fun. It’s hard to figure out how to dress.

At the end of the day, Brian, Dad and I notched a zero for deer sightings once again. Jim was the only one lucky enough to see anything. There must’ve been some deer moving today, though. I did hear five shots throughout the day. I heard a single shots and two bursts of two shots each. It always makes me wonder what the people were shooting at and if they got what they shot at. It’s a mystery that very rarely gets solved. It’s fun to imagine.

I’m off again tomorrow, so I’ll give it once last whirl before calling it good until I return from the Midwest.

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