Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022

We woke up to a couple of inches of snow this morning! It’s hard to believe it has been in the mid 80s all week and suddenly we have snow. I sat until about 11:00 a.m. and didn’t see a thing. Brian saw a 4-pointer. I left Jim in a good spot this morning, and when I came back to get him there were tracks all over.  I asked what he saw and he said he didn’t see anything. I quickly found out he took a little snooze. It was funny and we had a good laugh about it. Dad didn’t see anything this morning. Here’s a photo of my dad’s bow this morning.

May be an image of nature

  The woods were lit up with sign on our walk out. I wanted to stay put, but we had too many things to do with Jim and Dad leaving at the end of the day. When Brian and I headed back into the woods across from camp, we jumped a bunch of deer and Brian shot at a nice buck after that. He ended up giving it a haircut on the low side.  I never saw the deer before he shot at it, but I ranged a leaning tree for him at 43 yards.  He didn’t realize the deer was about seven yards beyond the tree and didn’t estimate the right yardage. 

  There were tracks everywhere, but we never caught up to anything. I can’t lie and say it isn’t disappointing. Although I’d like to complain, I really can’t say much. I’ve had so many fantastic years, I think it’s only normal to finally get walloped with a bad one. I can’t catch up to a deer. 

  Tomorrow is supposed to be 25 degrees. I’m hoping I get lucky and have a nice buck wander past me. I’m not sure where I will hunt in the morning. I’ll have to make that decision when I get up. Dad and Jim just left for home. It sucks without them here. I didn’t like seeing my dad head home, but he has to be home for my mother. She is not well. 

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