Monday, Nov. 14, 2022

Brian went to where we hunted the first day and saw a lot of deer. Later, he went to the money spot and saw two four pointers and seven does. He didn’t see anything to shoot at. I tried my hand at filling my doe tag but never saw a thing. I was a little disappointed. 

  Rain is forecasted for tomorrow. I’m not sure what we will do. I will continue trying to put a notch in my doe tag before we leave for home.  I just haven’t seen many deer this trip. 

  Brian got a giant deer on one of his cell cams today, so he will probably hunt that spot tomorrow. He’s pretty excited and has every reason to be.  It’s a legitimate giant. There were also a few other incredible deer on the camera too. The same thing happened in that spot the last time we hunted here. There are resident deer and deer that only show up when it’s go time for the does. When that time arrives, some giant deer appear. 

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