Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022

Today was the most brutal day of the season so far. When I left camp, it was 25 degrees, and the wind was howling. Throughout the day, the wind speed picked up and topped out around 40 mph. I dealt with blizzard-like conditions throughout the day. 

  In my gut, I thought I was going to kill another bad-weather buck today. Everything inside me told me this. However, as noon approached, I knew it would have to happen in the afternoon if it were going to happen. I didn’t see anything until 3:30 p.m. when a doe fed past me, but nothing followed her. 

  I decided to still-hunt toward the road, hoping I would make it there before dark. In doing so, I walked up on a small doe. Unfortunately, no bucks accompanied her. 

  When I got in my truck, I saw that it was 18 degrees. I’d imagine the wind-chill must’ve put the real feel temperature around zero degrees. 

  Dad saw a guy walk past him this morning around 8 and that’s all he saw for the day. Brian saw seven deer today. One of them was a spike that was feeling a little frisky. 

  Tomorrow is supposed to be brutal. At daybreak it’s supposed to be 2 degrees with 25 mph winds. It should be fun. I’d imagine not much will be moving, but you never know. I’ll go give it my best and see what gives. 

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