Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022

I decided to go into another area today that we haven’t hunted this year. Brian and I got a good jump on it, and I was into the area before daylight. The morning hours passed slowly and not much happened. 

  When I went into the woods, it was 28 degrees and the wind was blowing at a pretty good clip. When the sun came up, the wind subsided. It was a perfect morning to sit, so I hunkered down under a big yellow birch and made myself comfortable. I had sat in this place one other time a few years ago and passed a 5-pointer. 

  I found a lot of sign in my travels after sitting until about noon. Then, I found a place closer to the road for my afternoon sit. A pile of deer ran by me, but I never got a good look at them. I’m not sure what made them run, but I suspect it might have been a big buck that was harassing them. 

  When they stopped, I rolled over my can call, and I saw one of the deer break away from the others and make its way toward me. Within a few minutes, it was standing under me. I gave a free pass to another buck. Now, I had passed three bucks in the last four days, with this one being the smallest. It was just a spike. 

  It seems that I’m putting myself in the right positions to be successful, although I haven’t filled my tag yet.  I feel like I’m getting close, but you have to make good on it when you can feel it. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I do know the snow ill be gone by Thanksgiving, and we will most likely finish the season on bare ground. That’s OK with me because I don’t like getting wet. I also don’t like when people follow others’ tracks around. I’m looking forward to the bare ground.

  We will see what tomorrow brings. The weather is supposed to be decent, with the temperature hanging around 30 degrees in the morning and warming up to about 40 degrees by afternoon. 

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