The End of the Season

Unlike most years, I didn’t do too much in the pursuit of bears this year after filling my tag. Instead, I relaxed and tried helping others get deer. Normally, the decision to pursue bears is made easy because there are a lot of them in the areas I hunt. Unfortunately, there were a lot of bears in the early season, but they seemed to disappear quickly once they realized there wasn’t much food available.

It’s hard enough to find deer in the Adirondacks and finding bears has always been more difficult for me. I wish I knew more about them, but I devote too much time to the whitetails that inhabit these mountains. I probably should sit down and try to figure out how to locate them and kill them more readily. I guess I’d probably do that if they had antlers.

I accomplished a lot over the last two weeks of the regular season and feel good about the progress I made. I learned a new area and figured out what deer do in that place — at least I think I figured it out. After telling Jim about it, he thinks he’s going to hunt there next year. I’m excited to see if he has any success from using the intel I gained while stomping around.

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