Saturday November 26, 2011

My cousin Kyle called last night and said he was heading to camp in Minerva. He asked if I wanted to join him so I decided to go along and check out a few different places.

It was a little stressful on the way down the road to get to the place we hunted in the morning. My buddy Brian was driving and we were on a seasonal road. Since we had a decent amount of snowfall a few days ago and the road had frozen below the snow it was a nervous ride for a few miles.

When we finally got to where we wanted to go we looked over a few maps and split up. I saw a place that I wanted to check out near the end of a bunch of beaver flows. From what I could see it looked like it would be a good place because it was a transition area with a few ridges that dumped right into a bowl where a stream ran out of the ponds and down through the woods.

When I got there I was right. There were a lot of tracks in the snow. When I examined things a little more closely I was pretty impressed. It was one of those places that I know I can shoot a good buck if I spend enough time there. It made me want to return next year.

We spent the majority of the day wandering around and checking things out. By the time I was done hunting I was ready to head home. I put on a few miles and the new snow made it difficult to walk. I felt tired and worn out. I probably chewed off more than I could handle but it felt incredibly good to be in the Adirondacks in the middle of God’s country. There’s nothing quite like it.

I’ve attached a picture of a tree a bear climbed. You can see the claw marks in the tree.


It looks like a bear might have gotten a tasty treat after climbing this beech tree.

I killed this buck while scouting this same general mountain range a few years ago.

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