Sunday December 11, 2011

It’s hard to believe that it was only a month ago when dad killed the 11-pointer on 11/11/11. In some ways it seems like it was three months ago. It’s probably from all of the stressful things going on lately that makes it seem that way.

I planned on going out both days this weekend to hunt the last two days of late muzzleloader season in the Northern Zone, but it didn’t work out as I had planned. Both mornings when I woke up I was in too much pain to head to the woods. My shoulders have been a mess for the last three months. Actually the only time they didn’t hurt like hell was the two weeks I was on vacation. I guess in some ways I have to be thankful for that. After I get this upcoming surgery out of the way I will need to see an orthopedic surgeon to have my right shoulder examined. I know I have some serious problems with my rotator cuff area. Hopefully I can get some insight on it.

With all of that being said I decided come hell or high water I was going to go out this afternoon since it was the last day of the season and sadly I will have to wait another 10 months before I can hunt deer.

When I got to camp in the early afternoon I met my buddies Doug and Steve. Doug looked like hell as he’s coming down with a nasty cold. He headed home and Steve and I headed up the mountain to sit for a few hours.

Before Doug left he told me once of the best stories I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard a lot of them while working at different shows and being around a lot of hunters. Last night on his way out of the woods he bent over to crawl under a fallen tree. When he was on all fours he felt a heavy weight strike him on the back and he fell forward. Shocked, he didn’t know what to do as he saw a full grown fisher jump off his back and head down the hill without missing a beat. We’re still not sure if Doug filled his pants after the incident. When he got home and took his shirt off his wife couldn’t believe it when she saw the fisher’s claw marks on Doug’s back.

I feel pretty confident when I say that I don’t believe I will ever meet another hunter who has had a Fisher pounce of their back like it was jumping on a rock and race down the hill as if nothing unusual ever happened. I’m stillĀ  amazed as I sit here thinking about it. Oh, and I’m a little thankful it wasn’t me. I like all the cool things in the woods and stuff, but that is one event I’m glad I’ve never experienced.

I didn’t see any deer tonight. Actually I didn’t see many tracks either, but it felt kind of neat when I was walking out of the woods with Steve. We all had a good season with some great memories. There were a few disappointing days here and there but that comes with hunting. It’s always good to share your hunting experiences, success and failure with people who appreciate it.

I’ll try to do a season recap in the next few days before my surgery on Thursday 12/15. I’ll be laid up for a while after that. My book should be available by Friday 12/16. Since I will be out of commission for a while it will be available by mail or at John’s Outdoor Sports in Queensbury until I get recuperated.

I shot this buck on the last day of the season. His story is in the new book.

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