Thursday 11/8/12

I sat in the funnel again this morning. I saw 2 does go through in the mid morning. I sat there again tonight and had a button buck walk all around my trail camera. He inspected it and walked around it like it was a new statue on the woods. It was entertaining to watch his reactions and somewhat disturbing at the same time. I checked the card in the camera and it appears that most of the activity in the area takes place in the early afternoon.

When we got back to Bobby’s house today Bob showed me a clip from the QDM website about the reactions of deer to trail cameras. After watching the video on the QDM site I quickly saw that the button buck did many of the same things the article talks about. It’s amazing how the camera doesn’t bother some deer, yet freaks out other ones. I’ll keep an eye on this going into the future. If you get a chance go on the website and take a look at the article. You might learn a thing or two just as I did.

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